Exploring Sustainable Fashion With Earthyy Bags On The Occasion Of Earth Day

Here is a new and renewed Earth Day - CE 2021. This year the theme is Restore our Earth. So how do you do that? Restore something back where it belongs? Reverse the damages. Change the habits. Redesign economy. Is that even possible? While such questions on “possibility” spur heaps of debatable scenarios, let us, on this graceful day, look up to the “potentials” of restoration - of the Earth and the Life. And when it comes to potential, a stark believer and investor to it, are the Fashion Industry. That’s why it is ever so very relevant to talk about Sustainable Fashion today, when it comes to the theme of Restoring our Earth.

Understanding Sustainable Fashion

What is sustainable fashion? Sustain what? The Earth? Or the life within? The first perception people have about sustainability is something that causes less pollution - which may be an industrial effluent waste, biohazardous waste, and emission of toxic chemicals. For a long time, eco-friendly shopping bags were the sole contributor to the “sustainability” factor. But that is not all. There are other domains of sustainable fashion as well that concern how materials are sourced, how labor is used, and the process of manufacturing. The entire lifecycle of the production is counted upon - including what methods are used to promote the brand - such as street banners that require a lot of electricity. So sustainability includes not only the elements of natural wellbeing but also involves ethicality towards human labors and animal-derived leather, wool, etc. Speaking of animal ethicality, Veganism is a growing fashion revolution as well, with many luxury fashion designers coming up with entire luxury brands composed of only vegan fashion.

Conservation, Restoration, Sustainability  - Lifecycle of Managing Environmental Issues & Impacts

Many people tend to believe Fashion to be a non-essential thing. But time and again, Fashion has been the force behind major revolutions.   Take for example the very thing called Fashion Revolution. This is a global movement that is represented across 100 countries, originally incited by the Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh. The movement that is spearheaded by the authorities of Fashion Revolution CIC and The Fashion Revolution Foundation, compelled fashion houses to answer questions owing to Who Made My Clothes? While the movement calls out for clarity and transparency through supply chains, it categorically sheds light on diverse parameters including Corporate and Social Responsibility, Environmental Impact, Production Process and Practices and much more. Earthyy Bags have been responding to something since the beginning, advocating sustainable production when we started our journey as a Jute Beach Bags Manufacturer in India. Now our company has grown. Products catalogue has grown. But our values have not changed.   That’s what we stand up for. There are no boundaries to parameters when it comes to Sustainability. Sustainable Fashion is as much about Human Rights as it is about Marine Conservation. Distinctively, the sustainable ideas of Environmental Conservation does not disrupt the Economy, even if Economies have largely damaged Environmental Conservation efforts. So here’s looking for ways to create transparency, ethicality and value. The vision is not deviated. So you see it as a lifecycle. Conservation of what is remaining by preventing further depletion. Restoration of the damaged, through renewed policies and protection. Finally, when you are able to successfully carry on conserved and restored elements of Environmental Impact, in a non-disruptive manner, only then you can call it Sustainability Style and Trends create demand. And Demand dictates Economy. That’s how Fashion has greater power to Restore our Earth, perhaps more than any other industry vertical. Happy Day to the Earth and you All! You made me a, you made me a believer. Believer.