Earthyy Bags Shares Tips on How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi this Year!

The festival of colours and joy - ‘Holi’ is just around the corner. Much like the other celebrations in India, it’s unique in its own ways. Observed mostly by applying ‘Gulal’ or colours on each other and relishing homemade sweets, Indians from all over the world celebrate it with utmost enthusiasm and joy. But with people crossing every limit and including toxic colours, water balloons and plastic into the festival of joy, the charm isn’t the same anymore.

So, how about going green and making a difference this time? Given the irreparable damage, we have already done to our planet, the least we can do now is celebrate every festival in an eco-friendly way. And it takes nothing but a few changes in our habits to observe this colourful festival. Wondering what it is? Here are a few tips to stop the ruthless abuse on Nature without losing out the very essence of Holi and the spirit of the most vibrant festival of all.

5 Tips to Go Green this Holi

Let’s not beat around the bush and go straight into the ways that can genuinely make a difference.

  1. Create less waste by ditching customary Holi accessories

The first and foremost tip from us will be to switch from traditional props like plastic bags, plastic water guns and balloons to eco-friendly alternatives. Do you know why? It’s because most of these go into the landfill and pollute the soil.

Instead, carry colours in an organic canvas tote bag, jute bag or in small pouches from jute and cotton bag manufacturers. Both are washable, so you need not worry about colours staining them. Just a word of advice will be to gently hand wash jute fabricated bags separately in cold water if you want them to last long. Also, with the availability of myriad designer canvas totes, you can always pick a suitable one to style your Holi special outfit.

  • Save our Precious Resource - Water

Every year, gallons of water go waste in mixing colours, washing off stubborn stains from clothes, buildings, walls, compounds and premises. It’s a wake-up call for everyone involved! We are already suffering from water scarcity, so why add to it? Our only word of advice will be to observe a dry Holi. Try it for a change as it’s not that difficult!

  • Play with Organic Colours

What’s often termed as ‘Holi colours’ are in reality harsh chemicals in powder form. And the cheap ones usually have traces of industrial dyes and oxidised metals in them. These are not just toxic but also harmful for every living being on Earth.

So, our expert tip will be to swap them with the skin-friendly organic colours. The herbal colours, arriving in myriad shades, are not just harmless but also have a sweet fragrance in them. Playing with them will both save you from health risks and the environment from unnecessary degradation like contamination of groundwater and soil.

  • Abide by the Zero Waste Rule when Playing with Flowers

If you have decided on playing with flowers, we appreciate your decision. Delicate petals are undoubtedly safe. But all your effort will simply go in vain if you mindlessly dump them into the dustbin post celebration.

Our expert advice will be to go for composting. Given the fact that flowers easily decompose into manure, the outcome will only play its role in adding texture to the soil and boost soil fertility. Also, it’s a great gesture to return to Earth flowers once plucked from plants.

  • Encourage Others to Use Natural Colours

Organic colours with 100% herbal content are undoubtedly one of the best choices. Better still are the natural colours made at home with sandalwood, turmeric, beetroot, neem leaves and so on. Invite over your friends a day before Holi to prepare them. Sharing the mixture with them will indirectly induce them to use it for celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly way.

It’s just a Matter of Choice!

We know it’s hard to resist all the accessories used up in celebrating Holi, but nothing is impossible. Start from this year and make it a practice to save our beautiful planet from unnecessary abuse. Let’s act together, make it a huge success and set examples for others to follow.