Mermaids first raised the alarm, while the whales gave their lives for it

Man awareness about plastic pollution probably started during the later days of 2015, when a bevy of mermaids cried out from the depth of the Mariana Trench about how plastic waste was maiming them ruthlessly. However, the matter came to a head when in the early part of 2016 several Sperm Whales washed up dead on beaches in Germany, with plastic bags choking their gullet, corroborating the perils of worldwide plastic contamination. Along with the awareness came statutes and regulations banning single-use plastic bags in most world countries.

But a totally different kind of problem raised its head along with the ban – to find out an alternative to plastic carry bag, preferably more effective and useful. However, this is where EarthyyBags® showed its mettle. They made elaborate arrangements for designing, printing, fabricating and manufacturing an unbelievable array of eco-friendly biodegradable jute/ cotton/canvas carry bags that suited each and every conceivable purpose for human beings. What’s more, these bags, thanks to the company’s futuristic planning program, turned out to become so trendy that they were branded as contemporary fashion statement by all and sundry. Needless to say, these handy products that suited both men and women so well that they found ready market in many overseas countries such as UK, USA, France, Germany, Spin, Italy, as also Middle and Far East countries.

Nor was the company less vigilant about the welfare of their labor force., they provide best facilities for their staff members and workforce who enjoy the benefits of Employees State Insurance, Provident Fund and allied amenities over and above those provided under the law and do not employ child labor as a matter of principle. No wonder the workmen are so loyal to the company and are ever so vigilant about maintaining the quality of the products.

We might now take a tour of some of the popular products made and exported by EarthyyBags® listed below

>> Promotional Bags made and marketed by EarthyyBags®, being biodegradable and eco-friendly will carry your message in contemporary style and mood. Besides, you have the option of choosing from a wide array of shapes and sizes to suit your purpose. Why; you can also customize the product to your desired style and requirement.

>> Fashion Bags made and marketed by EarthyyBags® are indeed fashionable and trendy by all standard and style. Suitable for all occasions, these bags are mostly preferred by younger women and college girls during their trips to the market or movie halls.

>> Beach Bags made and marketed by EarthyyBags® are your best companion for a leisurely trip to the golden beach. Roomy enough for holding the bath towel (full size), UV protected sunglasses, bottle of sunscreen lotion and may be a paperback – nothing is too much for these oversize canvas bags.


EarthyyBags® is truly down-to-earth as far as maintenance of quality and durability is concerned. We not only employ the best of men and machinery to produce highest quality jute, cotton and canvas carry bags for our customers, but also indent finest quality raw materials to ensure highest satisfaction.

Our Beach Bags are versatile to use while you head to your favorite sea beach. Ideal to use for your beach gateway, these bags display, ergonomic usage in combination with the amazing works of art done on the body of the bag. With the amalgamation of floral designs with modish style, this bag has all the features that glam you up every time you visit your favorite sea beach. So, carry these bags with your beach essentials and flaunt your beach mood to the passerby.