Looking for a creative promotional product? Look no more; it’s here

Looking for creative promotional products for your company? Look no more as Earthyy Bags can provide the best promotional product in the form of biodegradable jute and cotton Tote Bag or Shopping Bag, featuring your logo to promote your corporate identity, brand or product like never before. Take a quick look at our product gallery, select the product identity code and place your order online with a nominal prepaid expense check. And pronto, the consignment will reach you even before the scheduled date with your name, logo and message in vivid colors, neatly packed in convenient batches like a magic!

Why jute and cotton Tote Bag, you are wondering, instead of the ubiquitous plastic Tote Bag? Earthyy Bags has an answer to that common question too. It is just to save the environment and more appropriately, to save ourselves from the perils of plastic waste. Meanwhile, you must have observed how the World Environment Day 2018 was observed (theme: Beat Plastic Pollution) on June 5 this year in New Delhi, when Erik Solheim, UN Under-Secretary-General and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India had jointly announced that India would be hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations for the year, condemning the buying and selling of one-time use plastic bag.

Now a few words about biodegradable jute and cotton Tote or common Shopping bags that are manufactured by us for valued customers like you. To begin with, the term ‘biodegradable’ has been derived from the word ‘biodegradation’ which means biological degradation or disintegration of substances by bacteria, fungi or other biological means. In other words, substances that quickly disintegrate when left to rot after use. Jute and cotton comes under this category and so cannot pollute the environment that includes landfill and the seas.

Plastic, on the other hand cannot be disintegrated so easily. In fact, it takes ages for a plastic bag to become totally disintegrated or destroyed after use. As a result, plastic waste in the form of one-time use plastic bags, plastic coffee cups, plastic straw, gathering up in massive quantity  not only pollute the atmosphere but also the ocean where marine life comprising fish, turtles and whales and numerous other living beings lose their life, consuming indestructible plastic waste.

Researchers in Norway, sometime ago found more than 30 large plastic bags and sundry other plastic waste inside the stomach of a whale stranded off the coat. Assistants had put the whale down on realizing that it wasn’t going to live after consuming large amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste.

Returning back to our manufacturing process in terms of producing a large array of biodegradable jute and cotton bags comprising eco friendly shopping bags, fashion bags, organic canvas bags, promotional jute bags and many more, we use finest quality jute, endorsed by IJMA, while our team of eager enthusiastic workforce do their best in producing export quality biodegradable carry bags. Over and above, our quality control supervisors keep a constant watch on product quality as it comes out of the factory for shipment and dispatch.

Earthyy Bags is reckoned today as one of the top ranking manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable jute and cotton carry bags and so you wouldn’t regret placing your order for your company’s promotional products on them. So, do it now.