Jute Christmas Bags & Goodies – Gifting Without Holiday Waste

While the larger portion of the world has spent the Last Christmas in many confinements, the same has successfully made into a New Year full of hope to “get back to Normal”. There are some very important messages and lessons from 2020, it is valuable to take them forward with us, towards a brighter, healthier future. Concepts of a zero-waste Christmas, which is not hypothetical, is a great place to start from.   As one of the leading Jute Bags Wholesalers in India, we work at large with corporate gifting projects in the holiday seasons. And you’d be surprised to know about the wide range of options there are to make large scale gifting both cost-effective and sustainable. But before we get to the bottom of it, let us explain what a zero-waste Christmas really is.

Zero Waste Does Not Mean Zero Festivities

Christmas is among the most important festivals in the world. And the world has seen a comparatively less Holiday Waste in the past Christmas of 2020 - because of the obvious reasons for the Pandemic COVID-19. But that is not to be counted - because it is not the purpose that a reduced amount of Holiday Waste should come by downsizing on festive gifting and other typical excitements. We are going to have tons of festivals ahead with tons of gifts exchanged, but it is important that we respond to the causes of sustainability with a conscious mindset!   All we need is a step forward to choose the right things at the right time. While general people can pick eco-friendly alternatives for common gifting ideas and ideals, industries can make a difference owing to packaging details and the widespread use of plastics. It is more about the approach and the better availability of eco-friendly choices - that is both affordable and meaningful. While downsizing is definitely a great step, it can’t be a solution.   So let's get started on listing out some of the creative and most exciting Zero Waste Holiday Gifting ideas.

Jute Christmas Bags To Start With

The most essential feature of eco-friendly gift bags is that it can be saved - to reuse and recycle. A large number of corporate houses have endorsed this for their holiday gifting endeavours, that doesn’t take too much of costing or effort. There is more to eco-friendly gift bags. It is a really effective promotional tool.  The attractive design and sturdy nature of it make people use it more and more and if you have your brand stylishly printed on it, you are generating very organic marketing, and typically this move comes with great returns!

Artisanal Foods And Savories

Now, what to fill those Christmas gift bags with? The most eco-friendly gift item ever is savouries - no wastes, only delight. Artisanal savouries like cookies, chocolate and salty snacks can be a do-gooder and elevate the festive charm even more. Secretly, everyone wishes to open a gift bag like that.

Shopping Local

What does that mean? Shop in a way that reduces the need for shipping packets and delivery transportation? Maybe, but is that really a solution? eCommerce and online shopping is the most significant advancement of the 21st century and holiday shopping is the most important segment of this economy. This is the best way to shop nonetheless. And many times, it is the local sellers that are featured on Amazon - the largest online retailer in the world. Moreover, Amazon has largely taken sustainable packaging initiatives that have reduced plastic usage and increased biodegradable materials. The concept of going local is to empower the local industries - choose local sellers. Mix and match the sellers you buy from. Brands make up a prestigious gift, but artisanal ceramics, handloom apparel, local Instagram artists’ works - these carry forward a more meaning and a timeless gifting experience.  

Gifting Experiences

The things that need no packaging, transportation, or wastes - a holiday trip, a buffet meal voucher, gift vouchers or tickets to a live concert - these are the finest gifts that do not have to drill a hole in your pocket. Based on your priorities and budget, there are plenty of options that are available. You are just going to need some time to explore the ideas.