Eco-Friendly Jute: A Miracle Natural Fibre That Can Reduce Plastic Pollution

The Earth is drowning in plastic pollution – it’s time to save the planet with everyday actions that can lessen the problem. Plastic is much more than just an ocean problem, it’s also a health and climate problem. 99% of plastics are made from fossil fuels and they contribute to climate change throughout their life-cycle.

Look around yourself, and you will realise that plastic has become a vital part of everything we do. The utilisation of plastic is deeply embedded in our regular lives – from water bottles and grocery bags to sandwich wrap and cutlery. However, the quest for convenience has gone extremely far and people are wasting valuable resources and harming the environment. What makes plastic so harmful is the fact that it isn’t easily degradable and littered everywhere. Today, plastic debris is found in oceans, landfills, streets, parks, forests, and lakes.

Sustainable jute bags are leading the eco-friendly movement in the marketing vertical owing to their cost-effective nature and easy accessibility. Many eco-conscious consumers are saying NO TO PLASTIC and recyclable bags that are good for the environment. Top jute bags exporters and manufacturers offer these 100% biodegradable products in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures to satisfy diverse consumer needs.

Plastic Pollution Facts

Plastic is ubiquitous and it’s all around you. Although experts worldwide have been asking people to reduce plastic bags usage around the world, not many take it seriously.

The majority of people utilise plastic bags in their daily lives. However; not many understand that these bags are the major cause of pollution – air, land, and water. Almost every country has restricted the use of plastic bags owing to their high level of toxicity.

Don’t have any idea how hazardous plastic can be for people and the planet? Listed below are a few plastic pollution facts you should learn to read the damaging effects of plastic.

  • Plastic items can take approximately 1000 years to decompose in landfills.
  • According to WWF, around 18 billion pounds of plastic waste is dumped in seas every year. Plastic wastes have crowded several marine animals.
  • Environmentalists all over the world report that plastic bags are accountable for killing over 75,000 marine turtles every year.
  • As per The Guardian, the annual passage of the Earth was 6 million tons in the early 60s and has increased to over a hundred million tons now.

Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste With The Help Of Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

  1. Take Jute Bags With You For Grocery Shopping

Jute bags are excellent for going to shops with. Ensure you carry jute shopping bags with you that are spacious enough to contain all the necessary groceries. This way, you can reduce dependence on plastic carriers that can easily get damaged and are very difficult to recycle.

  • Use Jute Bags If You Run A Local Business

If you are someone who runs a local business, finding the ideal products to stock & distribute is essential. You will want bespoke items that will complement the overall branding of your business. And, this is where high-quality bags made of jute come in. These are superb eco-friendly products any local store can use. For instance, you can offer them as freebies to your customers when they shop for a certain amount.

  • Clean Your Bag & Reuse It Yet Again

Eco-friendly bags offered by the leading jute bags wholesalers are excellent alternatives to plastic ones owing to their high durability. Furthermore, what makes these products so great is that they are easy to clean. Since jute is supple material, you can easily wash off stains. All you need to do is just use a gentle brush so that it doesn’t affect the bag’s quality.

Postscript: Plastic waste is a growing threat to the environment and even taking one step in the right direction can save Earth from the hazards of plastic. Let’s contribute to tackling plastic pollution by switching to biodegradable bags offered by renowned jute bags exporters!