EarthyyBags observes World Environment Day

While India celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 this year with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, EarthyyBags ®observed the same with the launching of new biodegradable carry bags (details of which are given below) a few days later. Nevertheless, this was a memorable day for the organizers of the company who firmly believe in keeping the environment free of contamination by way of fighting plastic pollution. This they perform by way of making and marketing eco-friendly biodegradable jut/cotton/canvas carry bags in various hues, shapes and sizes., that have almost replaced toxic plastic carry bags in the country.

Meanwhile, let us reassess what EarthyyBags® stands for; their aspirations, as well as their motto and mission to get an inside view of this wonderful organization. To begin with, their motto is to go green, while they leave no stone unturned to maintain it by all means. In course of pursuing this noble philosophy, they are ably assisted by a group of dedicated labor force equally infused with the idea of keeping our lonely and over polluted planet as much pollution-free as possible. No wonder EarthyyBags® products are equally acclaimed both in India and abroad where these are exported extensively throughout the year.

Incidentally, the brand known as EarthyyBags® is also synonymous with and recognized as Canvas Bag manufacturer, Cotton Bag manufacturer, Eco-friendly Shopping Bag manufacturer, Duffel Bag manufacturer, Fashion Bag manufacturer and many more.

However, let us take a quick look at some the popular EarthyyBags® products that are cherished by all – regardless of caste, creed or religion.

  • Garden Bags – Spacious and roomy Garden Bags made and marketed by EarthyyBags are most popular with gardeners, both professional and non-professional. Fabricated in such form as to hold small plant for re-planting, along with plenty of space to carry gardening tools, implements and packets of plant nutrients such as urea, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. being made of jute or canvas, these bags are washable, while becoming eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Corporate Items offered by EarthyyBags are unique and one-of-a-kind. You can literally carry your office in our specially designed Corporate Office bag that includes space for your laptop, extra drives, staplers and what not! Buy one today and set your own office up wherever you may  intend to do so. What’s more, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable and so do not hurt the environment.
  • Bottle Bags made and marketed by EarthyyBags have at last solved your lunchtime single peg drinking problem. Elegant and cozy, these eco-friendly biodegradable flexible bottle containers can be carried anywhere with absolute safety and protection from breakage or accidental damage.


Though a comparatively new entry in the established field of jute and cotton bag makers, the brand has already made a niche for itself, while the quality of its products have created a stir among overseas importers that include booksellers and publishers, pharmaceutical companies, shopping malls and miscellaneous other buyers. The brand promises worldwide recognition soon.