Earthyy Bags are Worthy Bags

Worthy of being your companion while walking on fashion ramps. The same is true with everyday use – collecting breakfast food, buying fruits and vegetables, etc. And nature-friendly too, since they are made of biodegradable jute fiber which is tough to withstand heavy usage yet is soft and resilient to be made into stylish shapes and sizes. What’s more, they have banished single-use plastic bags from the face of our lonely and much polluted planet once for all.

Amid increasing awareness against the use of plastic bags in most parts of Europe and continental America, Earthyy Bags have created a niche for itself, exporting thousands of jute/cotton Tote Bags, eye-catching Promotional Bags, Christmas Gift Bags, roomy and comfortable Beach Bags, trendy Shopping Bag and many more to these countries and elsewhere.

Earthyy Bags is widely known among the following sectors

Even though the company handles hundreds of jute/cotton carry bags, it stands out among its peers as premiere Jute Shopping Bag Manufacturer, Cotton Bag Manufacturer, Beach Bag Manufacturer, as also Custom Burlap Bags Manufacturer, each of which is separately described below.

  • EarthyyBags as quality Jute shopping bag manufacturer – Prior to delving deeper into the characteristics of fashionable jute shopping bags manufactured and exported by EarthyyBags®, we might as well take a retro look at how shopping bags were developed through the preceding years. In 1912, Minnesota (USA) grocer Walter H. Deubner created the first paper shopping bag by using paper and glue. But he found that his customers’ purchases were restricted to whatever they could conveniently carry and so he decided to reinforce the paper bags with cords and handles to increase the capacity and convenience. Deubner subsequently patented his product as ‘Shopping Bag’ and within 3 years, was selling over a million pieces all over the United States.

However, during the sixties, a Swedish company patented the ‘T-shirt’ designed Plastic Shopping Bag. Overnight, the Paper Shopping Bags were overshadowed by Plastic Shopping Bag the world over. At last awakening came in the seventies about the horrors of plastic poisoning, while plastic was replaced by jute as raw material for manufacturing of shopping bags. EarthyyBags®  soon joined the band wagon, creating a wide array of Jute Shopping Bags.

  • EarthyyBags as quality Cotton Bag manufacturer – Along with jute carry bags, the company also manufactures and exports a large variety of eco-friendly Cotton bags that are fully biodegradable and so does not pollute the environment. Needless to say, the production of cotton bags is under the control of a team of experts that never compromises with quality  and so the products find ample market wherever these are exported to. The company, incidentally has installed capacity to produce 10,000 pieces of cotton Carry bags per day, which can be increased to 20,000/day if situation so demands.


  •   Earthyy Bags as quality Beach Bag manufacturer – Earthyy Bags understands the minds of beach beauties and their needs when being out on sandy beaches. And so all cotton and jute beach   bags made by the company are roomy enough to contain beach towels, sun tan, and pair of UV protected sunglasses, bottle of soft drink and maybe a paperback and a folding umbrella for protection against the sun.
  • EarthyyBags as  Custom Burlap Bag manufacturer -  Earthyy Bags are fully proficient in manufacturing and exporting eco-friendly Burlap Bags that are considered to be the most durable of all promotional logo bags. Although standard Burlap bags have been routinely used for packaging of onions and potatoes all over India, the recent trend have turned the picture completely. Custom Burlap Bags have now become popular options for quality logo Totes as well as promotional bags in trade shows and other areas of public interaction.