Celebrating The 47th World Environment Day with Restoration by Endorsing Eco-Friendly Living

5 June 2021 was World Environment Day. And on this hopeful occasion, we at Earthyy Bags, one of the leading Jute Bags suppliers and exporters in India and a supporter of Green Industrialisation, are exploring the norms of eco-friendly living or sustainable living. We intend to spread awareness about what Environment Day really means for the world, how you can make the change, and how we at Earthyy Bags are setting benchmarks with our fight against environmental adversities surrounding industries.

Looking Back At The History Of World Environment Day Since Expo 74’

  It was at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment held on 5 June 1972 in Sweden, when the United Nations Assembly first brought up the idea of a day - when the whole world would come together celebrating the Environment. A day that would unite Governments, International Organisations and normal citizens to work collaboratively on missions and activities, thus “integrating human interactions and the environment”.   A lot like an Environmental Christmas. But it was just a dream.   Soon after, on 4 May 1974, the International Exposition on the Environment, which is endearingly referred to as Expo 74’, was held in Spokane, Washington, US. The first of its kind World’s Fair that was entirely themed around the Environment. More than 5 million people visited the open grounds on the banks of the Spokane River, which was later converted into a beautiful urban park - that today is the legendary Riverfront Park, still bearing the legacy for being the Expo '74 site. This day not only marked the beginning of World Environment Day (WED) but marked the beginning of a new Hope, making it apparent that it was possible to make that change. And there are so many people in the world that actually care about Nature. From then and until now, in 2021 there have been 47 WEDs and each year a new theme is introduced, and the Host Country organises several activities, events and new reforms to set a benchmark. The WED 2021 theme is Ecosystem Restoration and it is hosted by Pakistan.  

How To Be More Eco-Friendly In Day To Day Life

  Seriously, how to be more eco-friendly in our daily life? Many people, who, by heart, are very much conscious about the environment are still quite bound by the ways of the mundane when unaffordability, unavailability and unsuitability creep in. Of course, it can be hard, and sometimes impossible to carry on with a 100% eco-friendly lifestyle on a realistic note. But here are some ideas of how little changes can make a big difference!  
  • Carry eco-friendly shopping bags in your purse or pocket and avoid plastic bags
  • Use eco-friendly glass jars instead of plastic jars
  • Walk when you can, or travel by bicycle, use public vehicles as much as possible
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and avoid bio-hazardous soaps and cleansers
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Buy energy-efficient electronics
  • Buy products that come in eco-friendly packaging

Green Industrialisation is Not Just a Dream Anymore - Earthyy Bags Stands Up For Sustainable Productivity!

It is very much possible, and perhaps we are standing at the beginning of the Green Revolution, where there could be more and more eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous material, there could be practical environmental regulations for industrial productivity, new advances in the Farming and Agriculture sector, as well as empowerment of Handcrafted Artisan goods. At Earthyy Bags, our whole existence revolves around the Motto of the Green. Now one might believe that it must be very easy to talk big about Sustainable Industrialisation for a Cotton and Jute Bags Manufacturer. But there are many things you might now know yet.   Never Take Eco-Friendly At Face Value   While Jute and Cotton are largely celebrated for being Eco-Friendly materials, their production is often not as sustainable as it might seem. Pesticides used for plantations, chemicals and oils used for retting, and the contamination of water bodies can be serious threats to the environment.   And we at Earthyy Bags prevent that from happening! By careful implementation of rules and guidelines we stand by the following ethics:
  • We support Sustainable Production with the use of 100% eco-friendly raw materials
  • We use energy-efficient equipment and strive to stay close to Carbon Neutrality
  • We don’t use hazardous chemicals during production, including pesticides, dyes and lubricants
  • We aim to empower artisanal value and use manual hand-crafting at large
  • We adhere to our Corporate Social Responsibility - we pay our workers handsomely and do not tolerate child labour or forced labour
  The steps that we take, have gained us a prestigious position as a Sustainable Organisation, but these methodologies are not the easiest to maintain, sometimes taking sacrifices too. To make the change one has to make the choice. So not all organisations can choose the Environment over profits. But it is the loyalty towards nature and humanity that is the crucial element for Green Industrialisation to become the Future - so that humans, industries and the Environment can coexist harmoniously. Until that happens, we deliver the hope and example of it.